Nobel pairs up with Shokh again

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Nobel pairs up with Shokh again
Adil Hossain Nobel & Anika kabir Shokh |

Popular Model Adil Hossain Nobel pairs up with Anika kabir Shokh for second time in TV play. Play director Himel Ashraf has already started to give direction of a new fraction play titled ‘Hello R J’.

On Friday, Himel Ashraf has started to give direction of his Eid play in a location in Savar. Tanin Rahman wrote story of the play while its concept was given by Sabbir. In the play, Nobel played in role of a superstar and Shokh acted in role of a star radio jockey (RJ).

Himel Ashraf informed that story of the play is a romantic story. To keep in mind the viewers demands, director has taken initiative earlier to make Eid play after matching schedules with Nobel and Shokh. It will be aired in any satellite channel in next Eid.

Adil Hossain Nobel told, “It is my first work with Himel Ashraf. Story of the play is simple but it is really nice. There are some twists in the story of the play which will be liked by the viewers. As a co-actress, Shokh is always amicable. In the shooting spot, if the co-actress is not so jolly it is really difficult to work with her. But Shokh is a perfect co-actress in this regard. She is doing well in both modeling and acting. Our work has become a nice work.

Actress Anika Kabir Shokh said, I always feel like dream to work with nobel Bhai. Though he is a superstar but he always works with much cooperation which impresses me a lot. I enjoy every work with him. I am very much optimistic about the play Hello R J. I believe it will become one of my mentionable works in next Eid.


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