Hillol Celebrating His birthday in Nepal

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Hillol Celebrating His birthday in Nepal
Adnan Faruk Hillol

Today is the viewers’ choice popular actor Adnan Faruk Hillol’s birthday. But today he will not give time to his parents and other members of the family because before his birthday he went to Nepal for taking part in shooting of serial Time, which shooting is being held 40 kilomertres away from Katmandu, Nepal. This serial is being aired on Channel 9 now. He will celebrate his birthday there along with his colleagues.

While talking in this regard Hillol told this correspondent, “In fact, I did not give the schedule to keep in mind the date of my birthday. Director wanted my schedule I managed this time. But I am also happy because I will celebrate the day along with favourite persons.”

Meanwhile, to give him surprise, Hillol’s wife popular actress, model and host Nawsheen went to Nepal two days ago. While remembering his best birthday Hillol said, “When I was nine years old that was the best birthday in my life. Number nine was written in the middle of my birthday cake which I can still remember. During that time my father was doing his job in Sirajganj. My birthday party was arranged there.”

However, Hillol is regularly acting different serials like Mayar Badhon, Porompora, The Corporate, etc. In all these serials, he is acting in different roles.


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